Schedules in March?

Much to my surprise there are actually three schools that either have their schedules published or where my Latvian hackers have found them. I don’t recall any schedules becoming available this early. Of course, the coaches know their schedules and should obviously share them with me but this learning process has been slow. In fairness,…… Continue reading Schedules in March?

Saturday, Sept. 21 Match Day!

Updates:  The saga of St. Thomas (TX) getting to Denver is quite interesting. I wonder why College TV Ticket (used a lot by the SCAC teams) has so much trouble matching graphics with the actual sport. And now the video is gone, again. Ugh. TLU pushes Trinity to 5-sets but takes the loss. Trinity hasn’t…… Continue reading Saturday, Sept. 21 Match Day!

Friday, Sept. 20 Match Day!

Updates:  Heard that St. Thomas couldn’t get out of Houston so the SCAC matches at JWU may change today. Positive thoughts to the team and everyone in Houston. Neither 1 pm match is working on either video or stats. Sigh. Both videos are now working. Live Stats are not for me. It appeared Schreiner took…… Continue reading Friday, Sept. 20 Match Day!

West Region Tournaments – Week 3

This post deals with where the West Region teams will be playing week 3 and gives you a look at the out-of-region teams we’ll be up against. I’ll provide a link to the tournament if I can find one in the name of the tournament. I do have some linked already. I also provide some…… Continue reading West Region Tournaments – Week 3

Sunday, Sept. 8 Match Day

Updates:  Pacific handles Wells 3-0 for their second victory over them in 2-days. They will take on Simpson tonight. Pacific down 2-0. Need a big comeback! Game 3 to Pacific. Slight lead in set 4. Pacific takes the final three sets to win in 5. 2:00 p.m. (All times central) Wells vs Pacific Video Stats…… Continue reading Sunday, Sept. 8 Match Day