2023 Schedule Analysis Part I

[Behind the scenes] I’ve had this article about 90% done for 2-weeks. Just getting lazy. In that time other schedules have been released so expect another article later this month. I could have included more here but then, I assure you, you wouldn’t be reading this now. [End scene] We’ve got some schedules to discuss…… Continue reading 2023 Schedule Analysis Part I

Savannah Cox Named Redlands Coach

For those that follow me on Twitter, this was the news I was waiting for… Redlands announced that they have hired Savannah Cox to be their new Volleyball Head Coach. Savannah was the Assistant Volleyball Coach at Pacific University starting in 2020. Sure, some blamed the pandemic on her hire but I’m assured by my…… Continue reading Savannah Cox Named Redlands Coach

Conference Tournament Guides

No better choice then Jenna Holmes (CMS) to lead us into the tournament guides. I have added the link to the left side menu or you can reach it HERE. The guide has information on the ASC, C2C, SCAC and SCIAC tournaments. When it comes to conference tournament information nationwide, one resource that is really…… Continue reading Conference Tournament Guides

SCIAC Predictions

The SCIAC preview just dropped and we see that the coaches in the conference unanimously predicted that CMS would finish on top this season. Following CMS, the coaches had Pomona-Pitzer, Cal Lutheran, Chapman, Whittier, La Verne, Caltech, Occidental and Redlands. I predicted CMS would win the conference with Pomona-Pitzer second and Cal Lu third but…… Continue reading SCIAC Predictions

Conference/Region Previews!

Two big trips planned this month (one done and one to come) have hindered some writing/research so I was pretty confident that I would skip conference previews this year. I mean I just did the statistics loss articles and there isn’t much else for us to go by. Anyway, I just sent out a DM…… Continue reading Conference/Region Previews!

Saturday, Nov. 6 Match Day!

Updates: Region X Conference Tournament Preview is here. We have teams going to the dance today! National links are below. TLU leading Trinity early in set one. Nationally, a lot of underdogs are winning their first set, too. Trinity comes back and takes set one. And, now they have a set two win. Nationally, Cedar…… Continue reading Saturday, Nov. 6 Match Day!

Friday, Nov. 5 Match Day!

Updates: I didn’t include the Mills College and UCSC matches in my rundown. Sorry about that. Mills College was just swept by Salisbury. UC Santa Cruz will now play Salisbury in the semifinals. TLU takes the first set against Austin College. WashU lost to Carnegie Mellon today and that will end their chances at an…… Continue reading Friday, Nov. 5 Match Day!

Thursday, Nov. 4 Match Day!

Updates: The Otterbein/Muskingum is an interesting Region VII match. Otterbein is ranked ahead of the Muskies but have lost once to them already. I think the Muskies should probably be ranked ahead and a second win probably convinces the RAC of the same thing. A loss secures Otterbein’s spot. Why it’s interesting is that I…… Continue reading Thursday, Nov. 4 Match Day!