Statistics Loss – Everyone Else

This is my last statistics loss article for this outgoing year as today we focus on the teams outside of the West Region as well as sneaking in the two teams from the West that play in the ACAA. Instead of linking to the other statistics loss articles already posted, I suggest you just go…… Continue reading Statistics Loss – Everyone Else

Statistics Loss – SCAC

It’s once again time to look at senior graduation statistics loss. These articles attempt to shed a light into what teams will be losing statistics based on the players lost to graduation. We all know there will be other players lost between now and the 2020 season but these are the ones that we can…… Continue reading Statistics Loss – SCAC

At-Large Average Criteria (2019)

Of the five primary criteria there are three that come into play in each comparison and by this virtue become the most important. They are record, Strength of Schedule (SOS) and ranked wins. Although ranked wins is, by the rules, result driven and not percentage driven I still capture the percentage because frankly it seems…… Continue reading At-Large Average Criteria (2019)