NCAA Tournament Brackets

As a number of us look through the volleyball archives, we find that a lot of our history is gone. This page attempts to bring a small portion of that back by recreating the NCAA Tournament Brackets (to the best of my ability). Click a link below to see the brackets (links are on the champion’s school name). I will continue to update this starting with the oldest brackets first.

Note – Starting with 1997, the tournament started to progress towards 64 teams (i.e., more brackets), which seems to mess up my PDF conversion. It’s just displayed very small, which you can then adjust. Hopefully, I can figure out how to fix this in the future.

2021UW-Eau Claire (35-0)Kim Wudi3-0CalvinSaint Louis, WI
2020Canceled due to CovidN/A
2019Johns Hopkins (35-3)Matt Troy3-0EmoryCedar Rapids, Iowa
2018Emory (30-6)Jenny McDowell3-0CalvinPittsburgh, Penn.
2017Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (31-5)Kurt Vlasich3-0WittenbergGrand Rapids, Michigan
2016Calvin (33-1)Amber Warners3-0Washington-St. LouisOshkosh, Wisconsin
2015Cal Lutheran (31-5)Kellee Roesel3-0WittenbergGrand Rapids, Michigan
2014Hope (34-2)Becky Schmidt3-2EmoryNewport News, Va.
2013Calvin (35-1)Amber Warners3-2Cal LutheranHolland, Mich.
2012St. Thomas (Minn.) (40-1)Thanh Pham3-2CalvinHolland, Mich.
2011Wittenberg (37-3)Paco Labrador3-0Christopher NewportWashington-St. Louis
2010Calvin (32-4)Amber Warners3-1EmoryWashington-St. Louis
2009Washington-St. Louis (34-4)Rich Luenemann3-1JuniataUniversity Heights, Ohio
2008Emory (35-6)Jennifer McDowell3-1La VerneIll. Wesleyan
2007Washington-St. Louis (33-5)Rich Luenemann3-2Wisconsin-WhitewaterIll. Wesleyan
2006Juniata (41-1)Larry Bock3-2Washington-St. LouisSalem, Va.
2005Wisconsin-Whitewater (40-4)Stacy Boudreau3-2JuniataSalem, Va.
2004Juniata (37-3)Larry Bock3-0Washington-St. LouisSt. Mary’s (Minn.)
2003Washington-St. Louis (38-3)Rich Luenemann3-0New York UniversityLa Verne
2002Wisconsin-Whitewater (36-4)Kris Russell3-0Washington-St. LouisWisconsin-Whitewater
2001La Verne (27-1)Don Flora3-2Wisconsin-WhitewaterWisconsin-Whitewater
2000Central (Iowa) (40-2)Megan Clayberg3-0Wisconsin-WhitewaterCentral (IA)
1999Central (Iowa) (41-0)Megan Clayberg3-0Trinity (Texas)Juniata
1998Central (Iowa) (37-2)Megan Clayberg3-2UC San DiegoJuniata
1997UC San Diego (27-5)Ducan McFarland3-2JuniataUC San Diego
1996Washington-St. Louis (43-6)Teri Clemens3-0JuniataWisconsin-Oshkosh
1995Washington-St. Louis (42-3)Teri Clemens3-2Cal LutheranWisconsin-Whitewater
1994Washington-St. Louis (42-2)Teri Clemens3-0Wisconsin-OshkoshIthaca
1993Washington-St. Louis (40-2)Teri Clemens3-0JuniataJuniata
1992Washington-St. Louis (40-0)Teri Clemens3-0UC San DiegoWashington-St. Louis
1991Washington-St. Louis (42-4)Teri Clemens3-2UC San DiegoWashington-St. Louis
1990UC San Diego (37-8)Doug Dannevik3-2Washington-St. LouisWashington-St. Louis
1989Washington-St. Louis (39-6)Teri Clemens3-0Ohio NorthernWashington-St. Louis
1988UC San Diego (34-8)Doug Dannevik3-2Benedictine (Ill.)UC San Diego
1987UC San Diego (31-4)Doug Dannevik3-0ElmhusrtElmhurst
1986UC San Diego (42-6)Doug Dannevik3-2CalvinCalvin
1985Elmhurst (40-9)Bill Walton3-0La VerneElmhurst
1984UC San Diego (23-12)Doug Dannevik3-0MITElmhurst
1983Elmhurst (57-4)Bill Walton3-1UC San DiegoLa Verne
1982La Verne (30-10)Jim Paschal3-1UC San DiegoUC San Diego
1981UC San Diego (36-8)Doug Dannevik3-2JuniataMaryville (Tenn.)