Hitting Percentage – 2019 Version

If you follow the site, you know that for the past 8 nation championships the only common statistic that each winner has shared is that they were all in the Top 11 of hitting percentage. (Yeah, that doesn’t sound as nice as Top 10 but blame Emory, not me.) So, like last year I wanted…… Continue reading Hitting Percentage – 2019 Version

Regional Realignment with Competitive Balance

With the recent news from the NCAA regarding the need to add competitive balance into their DIII realignment efforts, I decided to take a stab at the impossible. My initial feeling was that with the West and the South Regions basically being immovable islands that there wasn’t enough we could do in the northeast to…… Continue reading Regional Realignment with Competitive Balance

Belhaven Full DIII Member

I tweeted this out early but this accomplishment really deserves a post, too. Belhaven University has successfully navigated through their reclassification period and have been approved by the NCAA Division III Membership Committee for full, active NCAA membership beginning this fall. This means that Belhaven is now in the championship hunt as they are eligible…… Continue reading Belhaven Full DIII Member