Transfer Portal

I have written some blurbs about the transfer portal recently but for the most part I haven’t really given it too much thought in the DIII volleyball world. While doing the recruit updates, I had a coach tell me that they really don’t look at the portal at all while another said that they’ll have…… Continue reading Transfer Portal


Trinity/Southwestern Moving?

D3VbWest has heard from multiple sources that Trinity is seriously considering a move from the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) to the Southern Athletic Association (SAA). If true, this move could potentially happen by the fall of 2025. All indications are that this is not a done deal and still requires approval by multiple entities.…… Continue reading Trinity/Southwestern Moving?

NWC Adds Championship Tournament!

Boom!!!!! The only volleyball conference in DIII without a conference tournament has decided to add it to their schedule starting this fall. Details are still being worked out but the plan is for the regular season champion to host the four-team tournament. The top seed will play the 4-seed with the 2-seed playing the 3-seed.…… Continue reading NWC Adds Championship Tournament!