Returning Players (Setters & Right Sides)

I think conference preview/prediction week will start next Monday so for this week I wanted to look at some of the key returners to the West Region. The main problem I had for this series is how to choose those players. My solution was to focus on the players that won awards in 2017 and…… Continue reading Returning Players (Setters & Right Sides)

D3VBWest 2018 Preseason Top 25

I didn’t do a Top 25 last year since I didn’t want to step on my leader’s (Ricky Nelson) toes. I always enjoy his Top 25, and he’s probably about to release his version, so I figured I’d stomp around with my size 13s and invite some ridicule. Emory Washington (Mo.) Colorado College Wittenberg Calvin…… Continue reading D3VBWest 2018 Preseason Top 25

Best Out-Of-Conference Records

I wrote a post awhile back that listed the conference records and how each did. I also broke up the conferences by region (curse the UAA and its mixed region setup). Anyway, that research showed that although the New York and New England regions were in the bottom half record-wise, they accounted for 6 of…… Continue reading Best Out-Of-Conference Records