Belhaven Full DIII Member

I tweeted this out early but this accomplishment really deserves a post, too. Belhaven University has successfully navigated through their reclassification period and have been approved by the NCAA Division III Membership Committee for full, active NCAA membership beginning this fall. This means that Belhaven is now in the championship hunt as they are eligible…… Continue reading Belhaven Full DIII Member

LETU Names Coach

LeTourneau has completed their search for their new coach replacing Ashley Tiernan who stepped down earlier this year. In finding their coach, LeTourneau has stayed within the ASC to pluck Coach Mallory Matthews. Coach Matthews was an assistant coach at UT-Tyler for the past two years after graduating from ETBU with all kinds of volleyball…… Continue reading LETU Names Coach

Schedule Analysis Part 2

This is my second installment dealing with the schedules from the West Region. You can find my first installment here. A lot of schools have published their schedules since the first installment and my Latvian spies have been hard at work uncovering a few others. (In the first installment I mentioned that two of my…… Continue reading Schedule Analysis Part 2

UMHB Kicked Out of ASC & TLU Removed from SCAC

Not really but both schools should be happy they are not in the MIAC. That conference recently announced “…the University of St. Thomas will be involuntarily removed from membership in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC).” The Tommies will remain in the conference through the spring 2021 season and you can find the full MIAC statement…… Continue reading UMHB Kicked Out of ASC & TLU Removed from SCAC

Schedule Analysis Part 1 or “Why I Love the Northwest Conference”

Last year I did a number of schedule analyses for individual programs. Towards the end of those articles, a lot of what I had to write was duplicated because the West Region schools share a lot of the same constraints. Those constraints meant that a lot of the schedules ended up being very similar. This…… Continue reading Schedule Analysis Part 1 or “Why I Love the Northwest Conference”

LeTourneau Coach Stepping Down

LeTourneau Head Coach Ashley Tiernan has announced on Facebook that she is stepping down to become the Carson-Newman University Head Beach Volleyball Coach while also serving as an assistant to the indoor team. Carson-Newman is a NCAA Division II school and is a member of the South Atlantic Conference. The current Carson-Newman Beach Coach is…… Continue reading LeTourneau Coach Stepping Down