Statistics Loss – NWC

Two conferences in the books! You can find the SCAC statistics here and the SCIAC statistics here. With this post we’ll dive into the NWC. As we’ve seen in the previous two posts, the statistics loss was pretty similar between the conferences…that will not be the case with the NWC. As a reminder… I’ve done…… Continue reading Statistics Loss – NWC

Sunday Musings (or the curse of Ned!)

I was going to write a musing post today but didn’t have much to discuss then “Ned” drops some statistics in the comments and I have my post. For those that don’t know Ned, he’s our connection to the Northeast and I pull the “Ned” from his username, “NED3VballFan”. First, if you’d like to read…… Continue reading Sunday Musings (or the curse of Ned!)