Projected NCAA Field of 64

This is my third year of predicting the NCAA Tournament field. You should also check out Ricky Nelson’s site as he’ll be doing the same exercise independently of me. Once again, I went through the selection process and you can see my thoughts as it was done by clicking here. It honestly was more straight-forward this year.…… Continue reading Projected NCAA Field of 64

West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 3)

Things are about to get serious. The third regional rankings will come out Wednesday and these actually matter for selection. You see, when calculating Ranked Wins, you get credit for the teams regionally ranked in BOTH the third and fourth set of rankings. So if your team has beaten or lost to a team that…… Continue reading West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 3)

West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 2)

The regional rankings came out last week and with it we gained insight into the official numbers the RAC used to rank the teams. The SOS numbers were skewed for a number of teams and I have to say that our region seemed to be the worst as far as the NCAA SOS numbers from…… Continue reading West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 2)

West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 1)

Update – See the comments for my stab at the South, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes. With regional rankings officially coming out tomorrow, I thought it wise to put my predictions in a separate post. We’ll look at how poorly I did when the real rankings come out. As a reminder, these are the important rankings.…… Continue reading West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 1)

Regional Ranking Preview

The regional rankings will be coming out next week (October 23rd) but this week the RACs are actually going through their practice runs. I thought it might be interesting to look through all of the regions and figure out the teams that should be showing up on those rankings next week. Now things can change…… Continue reading Regional Ranking Preview

SCIAC Preseason Poll

The SCIAC has released their preseason coaches’ poll, which you can find here. My SCIAC Preview/Prediction post done earlier matches exactly the top 4 teams the coaches have but the differences creep in starting at #5. Starting with top 4 teams, the coaches have CMS followed by Cal Lutheran, Chapman and then Pomona-Pitzer. CMS claimed…… Continue reading SCIAC Preseason Poll