D3VBWest 2018 Preseason Top 25

I didn’t do a Top 25 last year since I didn’t want to step on my leader’s (Ricky Nelson) toes. I always enjoy his Top 25, and he’s probably about to release his version, so I figured I’d stomp around with my size 13s and invite some ridicule. Emory Washington (Mo.) Colorado College Wittenberg Calvin…… Continue reading D3VBWest 2018 Preseason Top 25

Prediction Report Card

I’ve been holding off on this review because I didn’t think the results would be that favorable. Then, as I started on it, I struggled with how exactly to grade my preseason picks. Let’s go down the conferences and then the West Region predictions and maybe it will become clear to me. Starting with the…… Continue reading Prediction Report Card

NCAA Championship Notes (11/13/17)

The re-seeding for the championship was released last night: Wittenberg Emory Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Johnson & Wales (RI) Calvin Gustavus Adolphus Ithaca Swarthmore Ricky Nelson has done a preview of the eight teams, which you can find here. There was such an advantage in drawing the first two seeds this season as I believe Ithaca and Swarthmore…… Continue reading NCAA Championship Notes (11/13/17)

West Region Rankings (10/30/17)

Well this week’s regional rankings are a big one. The RACs have had a chance to work out any issues they may have had and the ordering will give you a good idea where teams sit prior to the conference tournaments. Of the eight teams listed in the West rankings we had 5 losses this…… Continue reading West Region Rankings (10/30/17)

NWC Mid-Conference Review

The NW Conference is the only West Region conference without an end-of-the-year tournament. The Pool A (automatic qualifier) bid goes to the winner of the regular season. I said only West Region conference…well, I should have said, “only conference in DIII, period, exclamation point, #NoTourney #DealWithIt”. I’m not sure why this is but it sure…… Continue reading NWC Mid-Conference Review