Massey Ratings and Selection

The Massey Ratings have been in existence since 1995 although, I admit, I paid them no attention until last year. In the grand scheme of life, they are as important as any other ranking service, which means not very, but it should be pointed out that the AVCA actually mentions them as a resource to…… Continue reading Massey Ratings and Selection

Final Regional Rankings Released

The final regional rankings were released. These were the rankings that were used for selection so, yeah, they were kind of important. Before I forget, go do the Regional Winners Poll. I setup a poll and I’ll release the results on Thursday! Okay, this is going to be brief as I’ll go back and look…… Continue reading Final Regional Rankings Released

Third Regional Rankings Reviewed

The third regional rankings came out today and these are the first rankings that will have data that will actually drive selection. The selection committee will use the fourth set of rankings (which we won’t see until after selection) but the teams on this set will factor into the Ranked Wins. I normally do only…… Continue reading Third Regional Rankings Reviewed

West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 3)

Things are about to get serious. The third regional rankings will come out Wednesday and these actually matter for selection. You see, when calculating Ranked Wins, you get credit for the teams regionally ranked in BOTH the third and fourth set of rankings. So if your team has beaten or lost to a team that…… Continue reading West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 3)