Saturday, Oct. 19 Match Day!

Updates:  Made it to Dallas. Go Pirates. Going to be tough. When did Lizzy learn to hit that hard front row? Geez. Two great sets but Colorado College wins both. Great energy both sides. Colorado College’s men’s soccer team is here. Whoops! Comeback by the Pirates and we’re tied. Lift and a double call on…… Continue reading Saturday, Oct. 19 Match Day!

Sunday, Oct. 13 Match Day!

Updates:  No luck for the JWU seniors today. Easy win for Redlands today. Noon (All times central) DePauw at JWU (Denver) Video Stats DePauw 3 JWU 0  2:00 p.m. Mills College at Redlands Video Stats Redlands 3 Mills 0 Random Thoughts:  JWU will be saying goodbye to their seniors today against a tough foe. Redlands…… Continue reading Sunday, Oct. 13 Match Day!