Division III Cancels Fall – Official

Citing the health and safety of the DIII student-athlete, coaches, administrators and the communities as their priority, Division III Presidents’ Council has cancelled the fall championships. Not much more to say here as everything has led up to this. I assume schools can still go their own way if they can find opponents but I…… Continue reading Division III Cancels Fall – Official

Is Today (scratch that) Tomorrow the Day?

Update (8:30 pm) – Looks like the NCAA is still discussing things. They say wait for tomorrow. Rumors on Twitter seem to indicate that the NCAA will punt their decision down to the individual divisions. This allows them to cancel DII and DIII but keep the dream alive for DI. However they decide to do…… Continue reading Is Today (scratch that) Tomorrow the Day?

NCAA Mock Championship Selection Presentation

A year or so ago I had a couple of coaches told me about a presentation that Jan Gentry (NCAA Associate Directory of Championships and Alliances) gave at the convention that dealt with how teams are selected for the NCAA championships. I never got the coaches to send me a link to the presentation but…… Continue reading NCAA Mock Championship Selection Presentation

Massey Ratings and Selection

The Massey Ratings have been in existence since 1995 although, I admit, I paid them no attention until last year. In the grand scheme of life, they are as important as any other ranking service, which means not very, but it should be pointed out that the AVCA actually mentions them as a resource to…… Continue reading Massey Ratings and Selection

2019 National Championship

Updates:  Daughter is married. Feet up in the hotel room. Wow! Johns Hopkins. What a great season. What a great Tournament run. Trinity spoiled the Blue Jays shot as the only team to sweep every match in the NCAA Tournament. It’s still never been done at DIII. I assume JHU doesn’t care. Congratulations. I assume…… Continue reading 2019 National Championship