D3VbWest Top 25 (10/18/21)

Round seven for the rankings and this is the last one that really matters, not that they mattered in the first place. We’ll have the AVCA Top 25 tomorrow but then we’ll get the release of the regional rankings on Wednesday. The regional rankings are used for NCAA Tournament selection so those are the ones…… Continue reading D3VbWest Top 25 (10/18/21)

D3VbWest Top 25 (10/4/21)

Round five for the rankings and as I write this sentence, I haven’t done a lick of research but my prediction is very small movements today. This typically happens towards the middle of conference play as most conferences don’t see upsets over top teams. Still, there are teams out there striving for recognition and I’ll…… Continue reading D3VbWest Top 25 (10/4/21)