Watch List

Updated: 9/23/18

In my posts, you will come across the term “Watch List”, which simply means the West Region teams that I believe are in position to garner a Pool C bid come November selection time (if they do not win the automatic Pool A bid). If you need a rundown on Pool A and C bids then check out the FAQ page. I decided to make this a permanent page as it gives me a little more freedom to keep this updated without polluting the main page. This will be a fluid list and I’ll try to update it with wins/losses and signature wins/losses. The “(#)” are the number of sets in the match. Records are in-division only.

Teams removed since last update:  None

It’s late…I’m behind…everyone stays on the list this week.

Teams added since last update:  None

Watching Whitworth right now. If they can run the table in the NWC and take down PLU on the 29th of this month then they probably go on the Watch List.

NOTE – In-Depth write-ups are below the table. UT-Tyler is not listed here because they are not eligible for the NCAA Tournament as they reclassify to DII next year.

NOTE – Wins and losses are DIII ONLY. When considering NCAA selection, the primary criteria only considers DIII matches.

School Wins Losses Wins Losses
Cal Lutheran 9 6 JWU(RI)(4), Carthage(4), Salisbury(4) UMHB(5), Clarkson(5),
La Verne(5),
Chapman 12 2 Salisbury(3), Southwestern(3) Carthage(4),
CMS 11 2 Carthage(5), Southwestern(3) UT-Dallas(4)(5), Trinity(5),
La Verne(5),
Colorado College 15 0 St. Thomas(4),
Pac Lutheran(3),
La Verne 7 5 Southwestern(4) UT-Dallas(4),
Cal Lu(5)
Salisbury(3), JWU(RI)(4), Trinity(4), Concordia(3),
McMurry 12 1 R-Macon(4) UTT(5),
Pacific Lutheran 10 1 Oshkosh(3), Millikin(3),
Colorado Col (3),
Trinity 12 4 Adolphus(4), UWSP(4), Aurora(4),
La Verne(4),
UMHB 10 1 Heidelberg(3), Cal Lu (5),
Whittier (5),
UT-Dallas 9 5 Heidelberg(3), Trinity(5),
Cal Lu(4),
La Verne(4),
Whittier 6 6 UMHB(5),
Emory(3), IWU(5),
St. Ben(3), Clarkson(3), Puget Sound(5),

In-Depth Looks

I’ve decided to have the Watch List up all year as opposed to waiting for the RAC rankings. I will transition over to using the RAC data (i.e., NCAA selection criteria) when it becomes available.

Cal Lutheran – They broke their 6 match losing streak and now have won three in a row. They played (maybe) the three bottom teams in the SCIAC so nothing really changes here.

Chapman – Chapman and McMurry have nice records but really don’t have good signature wins. Their match against Whittier would have helped here but they get swept. Still not sure what to make of Chapman.

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps – CMS struggled against La Verne but won another 5-setter. They did get their second sweep of the year with their victory over Redlands. With Trinity’s struggles this weekend, they are locked in the #2 spot.

Colorado College – I got to see a Colorado College match and they looked really good (of course). They just do everything really well but what makes them special is Counts running the offense and Speathling out of the middle. Harris is also excelling as the first option on the outside. Top team in the west.

La Verne – The Leopards pushed CMS to 5-sets behind the play of their libero (Sanchez). Whittier and Chapman this week will be interesting. All three of teams are pretty equal in my mind.

McMurry – They received one of their toughest tests of the year but lost to UT-Tyler in 5-sets. A positive step but one that is lost on the national scene.

Pacific Lutheran – Doing what they need to do in the NWC. One of the few teams West Region teams that I think have an NCAA bid locked up at this point.

Trinity – On a program level, their losses this weekend to Chicago and IWU aren’t going to hurt them that much. However, I think those losses could impact negatively the West Region due to common opponent and just a perception level because Trinity is one of our better teams.

UMHB – Nice 5-set win over UT-Dallas this week. They are doing what they need to at this point but that Whittier loss still hangs over their head (and helps keep Whittier on the Watch List).

UT-Dallas – On the losing end of the 5-set match with UMHB. They have a tougher schedule and time to improve their standing, but they won’t get another shot at UMHB until the ASC Tournament.

Whittier – I don’t know…I just don’t know. A sweep over Chapman made a statement. A 5-set loss to Pomona-Pitzer made a different statement. Keep in mind that Whittier was probably lucky to take those 2 games when just looking at the statistics from the match. They stay on the Watch List because they haven’t played Cal Lu, La Verne and CMS but they need to win one or two of these matches.