Savannah Cox Named Redlands Coach

For those that follow me on Twitter, this was the news I was waiting for…

Redlands announced that they have hired Savannah Cox to be their new Volleyball Head Coach. Savannah was the Assistant Volleyball Coach at Pacific University starting in 2020. Sure, some blamed the pandemic on her hire but I’m assured by my Chinese contacts that this wasn’t the case. (Three sentences in and I’ve already lost focus. Sorry.)

Savannah had previous experience at the University of Jamestown and South Dakota School of Mines. As a student-athlete, she played for DII Brevard College as a middle blocker and we all know that the smartest players on the court are middles (yes, I was a middle). In addition to being an assistant the last three seasons, she has also coached the Pacific JV squad and was responsible for recruiting.

I’m having a little fun with this write-up because I’m a little giddy over the news. I really like Savannah and she’s been a big supporter/follower of the site. Her Twitter game is strong and this, to me, is probably the most important skill for a new coach. This was also a fun hire because I got word of Redlands hiring a new coach but not the name so I unleashed my Latvian spies to find out. With some help from some others that will remain nameless, the truth was uncovered, but I was sworn to secrecy until the official announcement came out.

All fun and games aside, this is going to be a challenging job for Coach Cox. I don’t have any Redlands recruits currently listed on the Recruit Page and the club season is winding down. The team is coming off a 2-win season and they play in a very tough conference with one of the best teams in the nation (CMS) about to make a serious run at the national championship that they will host. Their schedule will also be an issue as the bulk of that work needs to have been done. Throw in a program that hasn’t taken a flight since 2019 and I have my concerns that the support from the athletic department may not be there. Whew! Still, I believe the program will be in good hands and I’ll hold out hope she can pry some money out of the department so she can improve their schedule and quality of opponents. With all of that, I was able to flesh out a few of the finalist and there were some impressive candidates so this is an important DIII program that I hope will regain its past form.

Congratulations to Head Coach Savannah Cox!

As far as I know, there are no other open volleyball head coaching positions in Region X.


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